Here’s how grandparents can gain 5 years of life by enjoying this simple pleasure

Heres how grandparents can gain 5 years of life by

Scientists have found how grandparents can extend their lifespan, very simply.

For many people, becoming a grandfather or grandmother automatically refers to age. Suddenly you feel older. We even feel like we’re losing years of life. However, this role has several advantages, including one in particular that we ignore. For parents, it must be admitted, grandparents represent considerable help in looking after children during school holidays or picking them up after school. Obviously also, by spending time together, it allows grandparents and grandchildren to create bonds and memories together. But there is a benefit that we hardly suspect in these moments: that of the impact on the lifespan of grandparents.

Indeed, spending time with children not only helps older people to stay active, but also and above all to live longer and improve their health. A first study on the subject, published in 2017 in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior, found that grandparents who often care for their grandchildren live on average five years longer than those who do not. They also have a 37% lower risk of premature death compared to other non-caregiving grandparents.

How to explain this? Two theories stand out: the first suggests that grandparents who devote themselves to their grandchildren are more likely to take care of themselves in turn. And this requires a good diet and appropriate sporting activity. The second hypothesis defends the idea that the role of grandmother or grandfather provides a dose of happiness and acts “like a buffer against stress”, said Dr Coall, one of the co-authors of the study before adding “When talking to many grandparents, we find that they most often talk about the happiness, satisfaction and pride they feel about caring for their grandchildren.”

Other research has also put into perspective the fact that ancestors who are present for their grandchildren enjoy better health. By taking care of their grandchildren, they would benefit from good physical and emotional stimulation in the long term. So, are you still hesitant to say “yes” to your child to keep their little darlings from time to time?