Here’s Coca Cola’s “bold” new flavor

Heres Coca Colas bold new flavor

Coca Cola is releasing a new flavor it calls “Coca Cola Spiced” which will taste like a mix of raspberries and spices, says CNN. It is the newest member of the Coca Cola drinks and will be “permanent” like the vanilla flavor that is here to stay.

“Spiced” will be available both in a regular version and in a zero version, i.e. sugar-free.

Coca Cola’s new flavor: Spicy Raspberry

The spicy raspberry flavor has been chosen because there is a demand among customers, says Coca Cola’s marketing manager Sue Lynn Cha.

– Consumers are looking for bolder flavors and more complex flavor profiles. There has been a desire for discovery from people who want to try something new, she tells CNN.

The new drink will premiere in the US and Canada in the coming weeks, but when the flavor will come to Sweden is not yet clear.