Here you can buy a house for less than SEK 15,000 per square meter

Here you can buy a house for less than SEK

Today’s high inflation has made it even more expensive to buy a house. But there are ways to find cheaper housing. News24 have talked to Erik Holmberg, market analyst at Hemnet, who shared a list of the square meter price for villas, from the most expensive county to the cheapest. The list refers to average prices for 2024.

Here it is the most expensive to buy a house

The most expensive county to buy a villa in is Stockholm, where a house costs SEK 52,172 per square meter.

Then it’s a big jump down to the runner-up Halland, where a villa costs SEK 31,732 per square meter. Hot on the heels comes Gotland, which has a square meter price of SEK 31,401.

Here are the apartments with the cheapest price per square meter

Villa area in Bro. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT This is the cheapest place to buy a house

At the bottom of the list are Kronoberg, Blekinge and Västernorrland counties.

Buying a villa in Kronoberg costs SEK 16,538 per square meter. The second cheapest county, Blekinge, has a square meter price of SEK 14,744. The absolute cheapest county, Västernorrland, has a square meter price of SEK 14,366.

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