Here Torbjörn saves Cecar’s life: There were tears of joy

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Last week, Torbjörn Figaro from Nordmaling in Västerbotten experienced a hunter’s nightmare when his sled dog Cecar followed an elk and ended up in a rapid in the Vindelälven.

It was the beginning of a dramatic and life-threatening rescue operation, something The hunting journal was the first to tell about.

– It almost made one’s heart stop. I get an update on the tracking equipment that, according to the map, the dog is suddenly in the middle of the river and all I had to do was run, says Torbjörn.

– My fear was that the dog was pulled under some ice floe and probably drowned, he continues.

The rescue operation was filmed

When Torbjörn came down to the river’s edge, he saw Cecar standing on an ice floe, unwilling to make for land, whereupon Torbjörn crawled out to meet him halfway – an effort that was caught on film.

– There were probably both tears and a little of each of joy when you realized that you got to keep him. You don’t lose the dog that day.