Here the plane’s door happens to open – mid-air

The aircraft was hundreds of meters in the air when a passenger opened the emergency exit.
Despite the incident, the plane, with 194 people on board, managed to land safely.
The motive is still unknown.

Several people have been taken to hospital after a passenger opened an emergency exit on a plane preparing to land at Daegu Airport in South Korea.

The passenger opened the door when the plane was about 200 meters up in the air. Despite that, the plane, which had about 200 people on board, was able to land safely.

Several people had difficulty breathing when the door was opened and some had to be taken to hospital. According to Asiana Airlines, however, no one was seriously injured.

In a video clip published by the Yonhap news agency, passengers’ hair can be seen fluttering in the strong wind.

The person who opened the door is questioned by the police. The motive is still unknown.