Here the genius Robert Gustafsson makes hundreds of thousands of Swedes laugh out loud: “The best I’ve seen!”

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Robert Gustafsson’s skills as a comedian are world class.
He always manages to make one laugh with his crazy antics.
And he is at his best when he gets to offer pure sports humor.

For several decades, it has the unique Robert Gustafsson entertained Sweden and made millions laugh over the years. He has been seen in most television contexts and always wearing the role of the funny guy.

A viewer favorite

For a long time he was a permanent fixture at the Sports Gala and returned with one craziness after another. But his most acclaimed role has been as the speedway driver Tony Rickardssonwhere Gustafsson’s clever imitations are unbeatable television history today.

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Robert Gustafsson really offers himself in the comedy program “Time Out”. PHOTO: Youtube.

The immensely popular comedian has been seen more than that in the world of sports. For a long time he had a major role in TV4’s sports comedy program “Time Out”, which was broadcast for many years and was a real viewer favourite.

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“Best I’ve seen”

There, Gustafsson made many of the Swedish sports elite – and above all everyone at home on the TV sofas – laugh out loud on several occasions. The sports-interested comedian really offered himself in all situations and left a big impression.

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Robert Gustafsson has made millions of Swedes laugh in the comedy program “Time Out”. PHOTO: Youtube.

On Youtube there is a wonderful video where some of Robert Gustafsson’s funniest moments from Time Out have been collected in a four-minute long cavalcade of laughter, see the video below. The clip currently has almost 400,000 views and is pure comedy gold that you can watch over and over again.

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He is also highly praised if you look in the comments section below the video, see it below.
“Hahaha, the last one was the best I’ve seen,” writes one in the comments.
“If that had happened today, Robert would have been sitting inside…”, writes another.
“Feels like he can be himself more in Time out compared to Parliament,” writes a third.

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