Here, Sweden’s strongest 13-year-old lifts heavy weights: "A featherweight for me"

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

He can now claim to be Sweden’s strongest 13-year-old. And takes a record of 145 kilos in the deadlift. – “I’ve done it – not once – but twice,” says Oscar Sundell from Silverdal. The title previously belonged to Vilgot Rosvall in Trelleborg, who in 2021 lifted a whopping 135 kilos in the deadlift. And now the deadlift monster Oscar Sundell from Silverdal has been beaten with 145 kilos. – It all started a few months ago when I lifted 100 kilos to see how strong I was. So I started working out a little more to gain muscle. And went back to see how much I had developed and managed to lift 120 kilos, says Oscar in Efter fem. “Bragged a little to his friends” The next day, Oscar went to school to brag about the achievement, he says himself. The friends then suggested checking out what the record was. The classmates and Oscar caught up with 13-year-old Vilgot and his record of 135 kilos. Then and there Oscar decided to beat it. – Now after about a month of training, I have done it, not once, but twice, says Oscar. Did you know you were this strong? – Maybe not this strong, I didn’t know that. But I have often been the strongest in the class and helped carry things out in the country and at home. In the future, Oscar will take it easy with weightlifting and go back to building muscles. But sometime next year he will try to go over 160 kilos. Watch Sweden’s strongest 13-year-old lift weights in the player above.