Here, Samir Badran leaves the interview after the reporter’s question

Here Samir Badran leaves the interview after the reporters question

It was 2013 that Samir Badran, 33, hit reality Sweden like a bomb when he stepped into the Paradise Hotel. Samir quickly became a viewer favorite and was quickly asked to be in the following season.

After a few years he ran into Viktor Frisk and the guys put their heads together and formed the music duo “Samir & Viktor”.

Samir Badran and Viktor Frisk. Image source: Johan Nilsson/TT

Together, they have toured all over the country, released a number of hits and performed several times in Melodifestivalen. Their last time was in 2024 when they performed with “The whole world is waiting”.

But it didn’t all go as planned.

The boys came last in their competition and their performance was mocked as the audience thought they were singing fake, that the song was not good and that the volume was too low.

Over the years, Samir has also trained and worked as a broker.

In 2022, he finished his education, but already a year later, Samir chose to drop out of his career in the real estate industry and continue working as an artist and influencer.

Six months after Samir Badran quit the brokerage firm he worked for, the police made a major crackdown there. In a raid, four people were arrested, two of whom have connections to the agency. The agency was suspected of having carried out several sales with the help of bulvans.

– I didn’t work there anymore, but I didn’t notice anything. I did not enjoy being a broker at all, so I wanted to change offices. I didn’t like it there either, so I canceled the whole brokerage career, said Samir Badran in a comment The evening paper.

Samir Badran guesses flags in P3

Since Samir Badran is still very popular and popular in the cabins, he is invited every now and then to both podcasts and programs as a guest.

This week he visited P3 where he had to try a quiz. And it was all about flags, which is by no means the easiest thing.

And yes, you can at least say that Samir had a bit of a headwind during his guesses. Among other things, he believed that the flag of Switzerland was the symbol of the red cross.

It went so far that Samir finally laughs, stands up and says “fuck off”, which also made the reporter laugh.

Very fun, we must say!