Here, Roger Rönnberg breaks out in the strangest song of the year after the C More profile’s giant blunder: “Pannan i baren!”

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The interview before Frölunda’s SHL match did not go as planned.
Then Roger Rönnberg burst into a completely unexpected song(!).
– Hands in your pockets, forehead in the bar!, he suddenly exclaimed

Frölunda lost the SHL premiere against Timrå after extra time, and on Thursday was looking for revenge when Örebro visited at home. Frölunda had a heavy lead in the powerplay during the premiere, and when they got the chance in a numerical disadvantage against Örebro, the bell rang. But in the wrong goal…

Big blunder

But after the shock start and the conceded goal in a numerical disadvantage, Frölunda woke up in the second period. Nicklas Lasu equalised, and then they could run away. Frölunda finally won the match 4-2, and thus took his first three-pointer of the season. Welcome and much needed for Roger Rönnberg, who also made a strong impression before the match.

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220913 Frölunda’s coach Roger Rönnberg during the SHL’s kick-off meeting on September 13, 2022 in Stockholm. Photo: Johanna Wallen / BILDBYRÅN

Coaches in the SHL are always interviewed before the matches by commentators or experts at C More. However, what was broadcast from the interview with Roger Rönnberg did not share the reality of what actually happened in front of the camera. Everything started in a much more strange and murderous way. Patrik Westberg, popular commentator, managed the interview, but forgot one important thing.

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Burst into song

In a clip on Instagram that Westberg shared, you can see how he asks a first question to Rönnberg, who answers without any sound being picked up. The reason? Westberg had forgotten to give Rönnberg a microphone. Westberg quickly apologized.

– No but! It can be good to have. Stand here with your hand in your pocket!, says Westberg to the Frölunda coach.

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Photo: Instagram

Roger Rönnberg’s answer was more unexpected – he chose to break out into a loud song.

– Hands in the pocket, forehead in the bar! Now we sell the hook!, he sings, before continuing:

– Or how the hell is it going!? Now we calm down.

The melody was from Petra Marklund’s song “Händerna mot himlen”, but contained some small errors. But surely you still forgive Roger Rönnberg for this? Talk about inviting yourself!

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