Here, Pelle Lilja Robinson wins – and collapses

Emilia Persson, Emilio Mio Vega and Pelle Lilja are the participants who make it all the way to the final in “Robinson”. And it will be an even one, where in the end Pelle Lilja is the one who wins the whole rub. Pelle participated in last year’s season, where he interrupted his participation due to the fact that his father-in-law was then on the verge of death.

Now Pelle got his revenge.

– It feels bad, he says.

– Life is good! It was already before but it is better now.

The drama after the Robinson final

But the victory was not completely painless. Just when Pelle realizes that he has won Robinson and uttered his roar of joy, he collapses and medical attention is quickly called in. Now Pelle explains what happened.

– When you stand and blow into a fire, and then compete without food, as you do in Robinson, then you are quite exhausted. When I then stand up and scream straight out like that… if I had stayed there, I would have passed out straight away. I bent down to get blood in my head, but I fainted, he says.

He is happy that he got to make the final together with Emilio and Emilia.

– I really only had one pact, it was me and Emilia. It doesn’t show much, but we’ve always had each other’s backs. What is also not shown on TV is that Emilio and I slept with each other every night. He slept in his hammock and I slept below. We fell asleep together every night and woke up together every morning, says Pelle.

This is how the win is celebrated

During the Thursday evening, the victory is celebrated together with other participants from this year’s season, parts of the production, and loved ones.

– Karro, Els-Marie, Ken, Sara and Patrik are coming, we’ll meet in Enskede actually, for a jam, says Pelle about the attendance of the participants.

And what will he do with the winnings?

– It’s not that much money, it doesn’t change anyone’s life in any way. We are going to the USA this summer, we think. Profits are stingy, it’s not like you can stop working right away, he says.

– So people who see this feel free to swipe at me… he jokes on.

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Far away from civilization, participants fight against the forces of nature and compete in spectacular competitions. The winner takes home half a million kroner.