Here it all starts from September 21, 2022: Charlène threatens Anaïs (spoilers)

Here it all starts from September 21 2022 Charlene threatens

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 492 of Here it all begins on September 21, 2022, Charlène takes a dislike to Anaïs, convinced that she cheated. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In Here it all starts on September 21, 2022, Anaïs dives back into her memories of Mathieu. His brother wanted to become a cook and join the Auguste Armand Institute. Her notebook contains several recipe ideas. The young woman decides to revisit one of them for Chef Meyer’s course. This one is enthusiastic by his proposal, whereas she finds that of Charlène not very accomplished. Jealous, she accuses him of plagiarism when she finds Mathieu’s notebook. For his part, Lisandro is worried about Anaïs and questions Salomé. The latter decides to cover for her friend, but advises her to tell the truth to her boyfriend. Anaïs refuses to tell him about Mathieu, also refusing to share her story with chef Meyer and Rose after tasting her dish. Anaïs and Salomé are equal: the two friends will face each other the next day to decide on the winning recipe. Charlène is furious and determined to prove that Anaïs does not deserve her place.

At the same time, in episode 492 of ITC, on the TV program this Wednesday on TF1, Ambre is worried about having class with Louis, unlike Jasmine. For his first lesson, chef Guinot decides to make the second years work on Auguste Armand’s cooking… without a recipe. Louis criticizes each of the students’ preparations and is tyrannical. While the course is supposed to be over, it requires students to stay working.

Finally, Laetitia is back in Here it all begins on Wednesday September 21. She discovers with amazement that Guillaume has resigned, disappointed that he didn’t say goodbye to her. To cheer him up, Kelly decides to organize a lunch for him with Tony at the coffee shop to resettle his mother. Lionel finds the idea strange, but the moment seems nice. Subsequently, Kelly asks Laetitia what her feelings for Tony are, but her mother admits to her that she would have preferred to remain alone after learning of Guillaume’s departure. She also asks her daughter not to meddle in her affairs anymore.