Here it all starts from January 25, 2023: Lionel, trapped (spoilers)

Here it all starts from January 25 2023 Lionel trapped

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 586 of Here it all begins on January 25, 2023, Lionel tries by all means to keep Zacharie away from the institute for the arrival of Chef Vaton, in vain. Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Mis à jour le 24 janvier 2023 à 18h30] In episode 586 of ITC of Wednesday January 25, Lionel locks himself in his lie and finds himself facing the wall. While he thought that Chef Vaton would never come to the institute, the young man learns that Antoine did everything to convince her and that she finally agreed to give the famous masterclass. Above all, Zacharie must not meet her, or he will understand that she never took part in Lionel’s project. Kelly has an idea, even if it means sacrificing a weekend with Lionel. At the time of the Masterclass, the two had planned to go to Barcelona. She will therefore give the tickets to Laetitia so that she can take Landiras, without revealing the reason for this generous gift. Laetitia hesitates to take this course, but finally accepts. She warns Zacharie that he has to block off a few days for a surprise, but the chef apologizes: he absolutely wants to meet Chef Vaton. Even if Laetitia is initially jealous, she ends up understanding her companion’s motivations and cancels the weekend. Lionel is back to square one and fears seeing his career fall apart when it hasn’t even taken off yet.

Still at the institute, Teyssier father and Teyssier son are preparing to face each other and Théo is not far from it. The competition will end with a pastry test, an area for which his father was voted best in France. The young man thinks he has no chance despite a glowing article about him in a culinary journal. In this episode of Here it all begins, Vic is still madly in love with Theo and would do anything to help him. She therefore asks Clotilde to give her advice, but the chef Armand refuses for reasons of neutrality. Vic then threatens to reveal that she is one of the founders of the circle and Clotilde is forced to accept even if she warns the student against the dangerousness of this little game. Later, Clotilde Armand offers to help Théo , but he refuses. He wants to win fair play. Learning that Vic has threatened chef Armand to help him, Théo Teyssier reminds her that they are no longer together and that her ex’s love drives her to lack integrity. Finally boosted by his mother, Theo regains his self-confidence and is determined to win against Emmanuel.

Finally, in episode 586 of Here it all begins broadcast on Wednesday January 25 on TF1, Billie still does not know if she wants to talk to Lucas again. The young man insists, to the point of coming to find her in front of the institute to ask her if she has made a decision. Visibly lost, Billie can count on the support of Samia who does not hesitate to send Lucas packing. During Louis’ lesson, Billie thinks about her ex, which Samia does not miss. She proposes to her friend to go out after class, but Billie receives a message from Lucas at the same time offering her the same thing. The student lies to Samia to find her ex. At the time of the appointment, she warns Lucas that she only came to tell him that she no longer wanted to see him, but the latter does not let himself be discouraged: he admits to her that he broke up with Virginie afterwards. seeing Billie again and that she is the only person he sees the future with. The young woman has suffered so much because of him, she does not want to give him a second chance. But Lucas tries to convince her that he only wants her happiness.