Here it all starts from January 18, 2023: Mehdi sabotages Teyssier (spoilers)

Here it all starts from January 18 2023 Mehdi sabotages

HERE IT ALL STARTS. In episode 581 of Here it all begins this Wednesday, January 18, Ferigno puts pressure on Mehdi to help him make Teyssier sick for the competition. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In episode 581 of Here it all begins on Wednesday January 18, 2023, Clothilde tells Rose that the jury failed to decide between Teyssier and Ferigno. Both therefore continue the competition. Ferigno is upset that Mehdi failed to sabotage Teyssier’s dish and asks him to replace his multiple sclerosis treatment with sugar. At the commissary, some students from the Circle get together and decide to bring down Ferigno by collecting testimonies against him. But his former collaborators are silent or are loyal to him, under the force of pressure. Made aware of their plot, Ferigno threatens Mehdi and Vic to destroy them at the next misstep. Mehdi has no choice but to replace Teyssier’s medication.

At boarding school Samia finds that Billie does not look well. She tells him the story with her ex, Lucas. She was very much in love with him, but he couldn’t accept it. Throughout their relationship, he never introduced her to his friends or family. He left her for the girl he met at the Double A the day before. In the episode of Here it all begins on January 18, Billie plunges back into the sadness felt at the time. Surprisingly, Lucas texts Billie to see her again. During the appointment, Lucas tells him to realize how bad he was and that there was no flame with his girlfriend as with her. Billie prefers to slip away. Back at the institute, she boasts to Samia of having put Lucas in his place.

Finally, in the Wednesday January 18 episode of ITC, Eliott shows Lionel the new concept of chef Vaton with whom he could associate for his project and which resembles Lionel’s in every way. For Eliott, it’s plagiarism but Lionel thinks it’s a coincidence. Eliott wants Lionel to fight and doesn’t understand his friend’s lukewarm reaction. The latter reveals his secret: Stéphanie Vaton, it’s him! Lionel usurped the chef’s identity. Eliott warns him against possible legal proceedings but his friend is not worried… until Zacharie Landiras participates in the online kitty and wants to meet Stéphanie Vaton. Lionel fears being unmasked. Eliott urges him to close the account.