Here is the winner of Masked Singer Sweden 2023 – see the celebrity

The trio have settled in the final of Masked Singer Sweden 2023.
And we have a winner!
– Sick! states the celebrity who hid in Karamellen – and who stands as the season’s winner.

After nine weeks, this year’s season of Masked Singer Sweden is finished. The last three celebrities have announced themselves behind the masks and this year’s winner is crowned – and it is none other than Karamellen, who turned out to be Klara Hammarström, who takes home the whole rub!

– Absolutely crazy, so much fun! Now I have finally won – for real! says Klara Hammarström to TV4.

“Haven’t had anyone to ventilate with on the outside”

Now Klara is irritated that everyone will know that it is she who has been hiding behind the mask the whole time.

– Finally! I haven’t had anyone to ventilate with on the outside. I have been so bubbly happy after the recordings, put so many hours and love into this. But then you come home and put the flowers on the table and ba… okay, now I’m going to bed, says Klara.

But despite the fact that her involvement was super secret, there are some of those closest to her who knew what she was up to, such as those closest to her team.

– Otherwise, I think they would have given up on me if I had been away for 10 weeks. My boyfriend also knew because we have a long-distance relationship, it would have been strange if I had concealed what I had done for ten weeks, she says.

Her mother and father have also known about her participation – but not her large group of siblings. Among her ten siblings, however, there are some who guessed that Klara was hiding behind Karamellen. However, they began to have doubts when Klara herself sang together with the Viking during the semi-final.

So she managed to fool the viewers

Succeeding in participating in the same program as both Karamellen and himself required careful planning.

– I snuck out to a taxi, drove around a lap and then entered another entrance – like myself. It felt like I made so many mistakes! says Klara.

– I felt like an agent, she adds.

She may have deceived many, but there was one person who was on her trail.

– I came back sweating to the lodge after I had been on stage as Karamellen, there were no curls left in my hair. Liamoo had his ideas and I was almost rude to him, I couldn’t say anything! He texted me a candy…


Måns about the tours around Karamellen: “Have no weight left” – see the entire performance here

Releases the song she sang in the final of Masked Singer Sweden

In the final we heard Klara as Karamellen with the song Everytime we touch, and for those who can’t get enough of Klara as Karamellen, the final song will be released on Friday evening.

– I really wanted that final song and had to argue my way to it. It really is Caramellen’s song! A cover of a song that I really love – and I actually decided yesterday to release it, says Klara.