Here is the question Tiingelinn refuses to answer

Here is the question Tiingelinn refuses to answer

Linn “Tiingelinn” Andersson, 26, has been in three seasons of “Young Moms” where viewers got to follow the family life of Linn and her three daughters. Today, Linn is followed by around 115,000 people and has continued to blog about her life as a young mother. She became pregnant with her first child at 19 and today has three children with three different fathers, which she talked about a lot on her social media.

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“Never dreamed of having children with different fathers. But life never has any guarantees. Instead of mourning what you didn’t get, you can be happy with what you have, what you create and what makes you happy,” wrote she in a post on Instagram.

Recently, Linn ended up in a minor storm after she published a post about the equal value of people. In her post, Linn singled out an acquaintance in a less flattering way. The whole thing was noticed by, among others Camilla Gervidewho runs the Blog Watch blog.

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Linn Andersson wrote about how the disabled woman “drew down the energy”. Image source: Instagram

“It’s distasteful and immature to bully someone – and above all in adulthood when you have small children yourself you have to raise and be a role model for”, “Damn what an ugly person writes like that” and “Ugh what immature and unpleasant behavior”, were some of the reactions in Camilla’s comment field.

Linn has not yet commented on the whole thing.

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But that’s not the only thing Linn is quiet about. Now there has been a hail of questions to her about a special thing that she doesn’t seem to answer openly at all. And it has to do with perfume.

The question Tiingelinn refuses to answer

Linn published a post on her Instagram where she was swimming.

“If you’ve never bathed with jasmine flowers in the tub, you’re missing out. My absolute favorite scent. Do you have a perfume that people stop for and what do you think the top note is? Well jasmine. I totally identify with that scent. Do you have a favorite flower? And is there anyone more than me who jumps into a bath of flowers for the perfect relaxation”.

The discussion quickly started and the question everyone asked Linn was: What perfume is she using?

Linn “Tiingelinn” Andersson. Image source: tiingelinn/Instagram

But Linn did not want to answer the whole thing openly, but instead wrote a DM to her followers.

How come she never answered.

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