Here is the biggest surprise of the skiing season – an expert even hints at the possibility of a medal for Lauri Vuoris | Sport

Here is the biggest surprise of the skiing season
What speaks?

The biggest talking point of the ski season that just ended was the ban on fluoride creams in competitions under the International Ski Federation. From the beginning of the season, we discussed, among other things, how the lack of fluoride affects skiing and whether skiing will be slower because of the ban.

– In terms of sports, everything went really well, and there were no problems. The test equipment worked, and at the international level the teams adapted to it, Kalle Lassila said.

– The consequences that affect the increase in costs, trade and the cross-country market have not yet been fully seen.

The further the season progressed, the less it was talked about. Urheilu’s experts believe that the ban will not even be discussed next season, but that people have already gotten used to it.

– Next year, similar discussions will certainly not take place anymore – other than in the domestic games, when the ban will probably come there as well, Jussi Piirainen stated.

Who surprised?

The fact that a Norwegian man wins the overall World Cup competition was not a surprise. But the fact that there was a winner Harald Östberg Amundsensurprised.

– He surprised with his strength. The fact that he was able to pull at such a good level throughout the season and also sprints. He turned out to be a much more comprehensive skier than I had expected based on previous seasons, Lassila admitted.

Jussi Piirainen also surprisingly raises the achievements of the Finnish team.

– In total, we had six different Finnish skiers ski on the podium in the World Cup. It was a tough thing, Piirainen reminded.

What the hell?

Finland’s best male skier in the World Cup was 29 years old Lauri Vuorinen, who was 20th overall. Before this, Vuorinen’s best finish in the overall cup had been 32nd.

The leap of Vuorinen, who lives in Rovaniemi, towards the international top during the season made both experts confused and positively surprised.

– Lauri raised his level the most among the Finns. He has been working for a long time, but he raised his level surprisingly high during this season, Piirainen said.

Vuorinen made it to the finals twice in the sprints of the World Cup and got on the podium for the first time in the traditional sprint in Falun. In addition to sprints, Vuorinen also showed that his endurance has increased during normal trips. This was a good indication of Lahti’s 12th place in the 20 kilometer traditional race.

– Now that we’re going into the prize competition years, when it all comes down to it, Lauri can even be caught on the sidelines of a medal, Lassila stated.

Who flopped?

Iivo Niskanen Mr. and Hidalgo have been on the Finnish tracks for the last few years, but this domestic competition season did not go well for the multiple prize medalist. Niskanen opened his season in Olos in a superior way and he was number one in Ruka’s Finnish Cup, but after that illness took the edge off.

In the WC, Niskanen only achieved bronze in the pairs sprint in Vantaa, but then had to miss both the Äänekoski and Rovaniemi WC. The season also includes the excitement of Kuopio’s Suomen cup, where Iivo Niskanen and Kalle Parantainen complained about superiority in the men’s relay. After the race, Parantainen accused Niska of kicking.

– Of course he skied internationally at a good level in the World Cup, so he wasn’t in flop condition, but in Finland he didn’t have good skis at all, Piirainen said.

– The domestic competitions were, however, completely gut-wrenching for the skier with that “record”, Lassila stated.

What next?

There were no value competitions in the season that ended, but there will be plenty of them in the coming seasons. Next winter, the World Cup medals will be skied in Trondheim, followed by the Olympics in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, and after that the World Championships in Falun.

The financial situation of the ski association already raised concerns last season, when there was no proper camp program for the national team skiers and the decisions were delayed well into the spring. Because of this, Iivo Niskanen decided to stay out of the national team during the training season.

The athletes do their work professionally, whether the association is able to support them or not, but Urheilu’s experts hope that this spring the team selections and camp programs would be on time.

– Emphasis must be placed on value competitions, and international activities should focus more in their direction, Piirainen said.

The Ski Federation has just got a new chairman, Shirpa Korkat. Lassila believes that the union, which is in financial trouble, will do several things differently in the future.

– It can certainly be seen in the top-level performance, but I believe that they will manage one way or another. Even then, even if there is no national team activity at all during the training season, Lassila stated.