Here is Sarah Jessica Parker’s tip for looking radiant at 56

Here is Sarah Jessica Parkers tip for looking radiant at

While the eagerly awaited “And Just Like That” series, reboot of “Sex and The City”, is about to be released, Sarah Jessica Parker’s beauty tips have just been unveiled by her make-up artist. Here are the secrets of the youth of Carrie Bradshaw.

At 56, Sarah Jessica Parker still displays a radiant complexion and irresistible freshness. To preserve her youthful capital, the actress has many beauty secrets, which were revealed by Elaine Offers, her 12-year makeup artist, in an interview with the UK edition of Vogue.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s skincare secrets

With her mature and very sensitive skin, Sarah Jessica Parker knows that she must carefully choose her cosmetics, which must be fragrance-free to avoid irritation. Regarding her morning skincare routine, Sarah Jessica Parker arrives every day on the set of the new series And Just Like That with “clean, toned, exfoliated and slightly hydrated skin”, as explained by her make-up artist who can work on a clean basis. And to ensure glowy, flawless skin after 50, like Sarah Jessica Parker’s, Elaine Offers reveals what she says is the perfect skincare routine for mature skin. “A gentle but effective creamy cleanser and micellar water are wonderful for cleansing the skin. I think a serum retinol at night followed by a rich cream helps in collagen production and hydration. During the day, i like to use vitamin c serum and moisturizing sunscreenrain or shine “, she said.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s makeup secrets

If she is always prepared to embody the character of Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is more adept of the natural on a daily basis. “Her approach to makeup outside of work is simple and minimalist … often without makeup. A quick smokey eye, a little creamy color on the cheeks and a touch of gloss: it’s her favorite look when she goes out “, Elaine Offers told Vogue. However, for the filming of the new series And Just Like That, the star is happy to indulge in more elaborate makeup. The make-up artist has detailed the steps of the beauty look of the actress: “I use Koh Gen Do’s moisturizing foundation, no powder on top, followed by Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate palette. I use the illuminating cream on the bright areas of his face. I also use only a cream blush on her. The Convertible Color by Stila, the Lip and Cheek Cream Blush sticks by Milk and a new darling, the Cream Blush by Merit in Cheeky “shade. So here are all the Sarah Jessica Parker’s beauty secrets to display a glowy complexion at 56!