Here, Frida Karlsson and William Poromaa reunite again – in pure joy: “It’s super fun”

They are two of Swedish skiing’s most popular skiers and had a long love relationship.
Unfortunately, Frida Karlsson and William Poromaa have chosen to go their separate ways.
But on Wednesday, the skiing stars were reunited again – in Tibro.

The ski season has been over for some time now, but that still doesn’t stop our Swedish national team skiers from keeping going and training hard. Recently, the Swedish national ski team was at a training camp in Mallorca and there are always other ways than skis and snow to train your body for the upcoming season.

The breakup of the couple

The Swedish skiing stars Frida Karlsson and William Poromaa for example, chooses running to build up fitness during summer times. After the Skiing World Cup at the beginning of the year, the duo has received the most attention for their unexpected breakup this spring.

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221211 William Poromaa and Frida Karlsson of Sweden after 4×5 km mixed relay during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup on December 11, 2022 in Beitostølen. Photo: Vegard Grøtt / BILDBYRÅN / code VG / VG0389

They were one of Swedish sports’ most talked about couples and had been together for several years. But then came the news that no one expected, and after the breakup, the national team skaters have remained good friends.

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Now Frida and William have been reunited again and on Wednesday they were together in Tibro to participate in the annual Mio race. When they were together, they became ambassadors for the furniture company Mio and the collaboration has continued despite the couple going their separate ways.

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230219 Frida Karlsson and William Poromaa of Sweden at a press event with the Swedish Cross-Country Skiing team ahead of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships on February 19, 2023 in Unterferlach. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN / code PA / PA0508

Around 200 people took part in the 2.5 kilometer long race and in connection with the race, money was collected for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.
– It is an honor to come back and do it a second time, says William Poromaa to the local newspaper Skaraborgs Allehanda, which covered the race.
– Now we get to see who has managed the training this year, says Frida Karlsson with a laugh.
– This is today’s training for us.

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William before Frida

It was highly appreciated that Frida and William entered the race and were reunited in pure joy. Before the race, the Swedish skiing stars had to pose for a lot of pictures.
– It’s super fun. They are two amazing individuals, so it feels great that they are here again with all the employees. This is also something that is appreciated by our employees, says Mio’s CEO Björn Lindblad to the local newspaper.

During the race itself, both impressed and Poromaa was the first to finish, followed by Karlsson in second place. A good run-through before the start of the pre-season with the national ski team.
– We will have a few kickoff days up in Södertälje with the national team. Then the first camps start in June, says Frida Karlsson in the interview.

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