Here, daughter Liv, 1, takes over the show

Dating programs continue to grow and engage in Sweden.
The “Taco couple”, Sofia and Anton met on TV and talk about what life looks like today – when daughter Liv, 1, suddenly takes over the show.
– She sounds like a sound engineer, says father Anton when he gets the microphone in his face.

Sofia Lindhe and Anton Pehrson were paired in Married at First Sight and have been together ever since. Today, they have daughter Liv together, who was a guest on Sunday’s After Five.

– It was a very lovely trip. The recording time was absolutely the best, says Sofia Lindhe about the experience.

It has been three years since the couple participated in SVT’s dating program, which is now in its ninth season.

“Love engages”

There are more and more seasons, programs and versions of dating on television. Something that Fanna Ndow, entertainment journalist believes, has a simple explanation.

– It’s as simple as love engages. We all wonder what makes love actually happen, what different components are required. And the programs try to find out in different ways, she says.

Two tacos make three

Anton and Sofia were nicknamed “The Taco couple” for the reason that they both love tacos. A year ago, two tacos became three when daughter Liv was born.

– It went so well, say Sofia and Anton with their daughter on their lap.

A moment later, 1-year-old Liv finds it difficult to sit still and grabs hold of dad Anton’s microphone.

– She sounds like a sound technician, he laughs.

– It goes like this, says Tilde as she corrects the microphone.

Tilde: Is there anything you regret?

– No, but there was a period that was tough and it was the broadcast time, says Anton Pehrson.

– Yes, when everything would be shown again. Everything that we had processed once before and gone through. That’s how the entire Swedish people should feel about it, says Sofia.

– We also knew that people would react, but it’s hard to imagine once you’re there, says Anton.