Here are the things you should NOT put in the grave

Here are the things you should NOT put in the

Thoughts about death have long fascinated people. What actually happens when you die?

Some believe that one’s soul goes up to heaven while others believe in rebirth. Some believe that everything turns black and ends. Then there are those who have completely different ideas about what happens when we die and those who haven’t thought about it at all.

The only thing we know for sure is that we will all die at some point.

Every sixth Swede wants to take things with him to the grave

In Sweden, many people choose to be buried or cremated when they die. According to a survey carried out by Novus on behalf of Fonus, every sixth Swede wants to take something special and personal to the grave, which corresponds to over a million people.

But there are certain things you must not take with you to the grave. What these things are have News24 found out.

You must never have that in the coffin

In an interview with Conny Sohlberg, funeral director at Fonus, he tells us what is important to think about at a funeral. He also tells you which things you must not leave in the coffin.

Conny Sohlberg. Photo: Fonus/Press image

– Objects that can cause damage or destroy the oven during a cremation, such as explosive objects, glass, batteries and large metal objects such as weight blankets, must not be placed in the grave, Conny Sohlberg explains to Nyheter24 and continues:

– In addition, you may not be buried with your pet because burial grounds are only intended for humans.

What is the most common thing people want to take with them to the grave when they die?

– The most common are pictures of loved ones and jewellery, says Conny Sohlberg to Nyheter24.

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