Here are the participants in Robinson 2024 – the teams are divided by gender

Here are the participants in Robinson 2024 the teams

Anders Lundin is back as host when this spring’s Robinson premieres on March 17.

The season will also be extra special as from the start there will be only women in team north and only men in team south.

– It starts with drama all at once. A very charged competition the first thing that happens and then we get two very, very different camps, says Anders Lundinprogram manager for Robinson.

22 men and women have landed on the islands of Caramoan in the eastern Philippines to settle for the coveted Robinson statuette and the prize of half a million kroner. This year, the season opens with a dispute pitting women against men, a division that both engages and challenges the participants. Tough competitions, dramatic advice and a tougher game than before are promised.

Anders Lundin is the presenter of Robinson 2024. Image source: TV4

Team North:

Ci LindströmOperations manager, 59 years old, Danderyd, Personal item: diving gloves

Alma Skoog25 years, Group manager, Älmhult, Personal item: picnic blanket

Hanna Danemyr44 years, flight attendant, Stockholm, Personal item: wrapped photo

Maureen Asic39 years old, professional dancer, Stockholm, Personal item: dental floss

Olivia Lindegren27 years, coordinator, Gothenburg, Personal thing: book about survival

Zayera Khan49 years, IT consultant, Huddinge, Personal item: swimming goggles

Simon Sjöström24 years, aviation technician, Luleå, Personal item: deck of cards

Karin Nilsson48 years, ambulance paramedic, Ängelholm, Personal matter: a thick book

Desiree Forsberg Rapids32 years old, store manager, Sollefteå, Personal item: necklace

Charlotte Hedlund30 years old, coach/personal trainer, Oslo, Personal item: tweezers

Team South:

Rooble Gedi32 years, social worker, Fisksätra, Personal matter: macawiis

Pål Schakonat30 years, game developer, Malmö, Personal matter: philosophy book

Pelle Flood28 years, lawyer, Stockholm, Personal matter: eyebrow colour

Mark Bannon34 years, fireman, Fellingsbro, Personal item: earplugs

Pontus Croneld28 years old, app developer/comedian, Stockholm, Personal thing: ketchup

Lars Koefoed58 years old, pensioner, Stockholm, Personal matter: Snorkel and cyclops

Chemo Samateh36 years old, personal trainer, Lund, Personal item: flashlight

Marcus Håkanson47 years old, entrepreneur, Lidingö, Personal item: picnic blanket with a picture of the family

Fredrik Bolander40 years old, administrator, Vikingstad, Personal item: bathrobe

Gustav Jacobson27 years, journalist, Falun, Personal matter: ball

The border country:

Helen Lindborg33 years, event manager, Älvsjö, Personal item: nail scissors

Alexander Strandberg44 years old, self-employed, Halmstad, Personal matter: deck of cards

Alexander Strandberg appears again

Someone who appears again this year is Alexander Strandberg.

Alexander stepped into Robinson and made it big in 2022. The viewers absolutely loved him and many were very upset when he was voted out.

Alexander Strandberg. Image source: TV4Robinson-Alexander was pronounced dead

Today, together with his wife Karin, Alexander runs the company “Strandberg & Strandberg” whose purpose is to help people with addiction problems. For many years, he himself has lived with an active addiction, and has undergone several different treatments.

The big turning point came in February 2013.

– I went into the toilet in the morning to take my daily dose of heroin and it was too much. It ended with an overdose and I died in our bathroom, Alexander told in an interview with The Express. Mrs. Karin heard a bang and opened the bathroom door with a knife from the outside. Karin then had to perform CPR for over 20 minutes.

Alexander and Karin in the program Bytt er bytt. Image source: TV4

– He was completely blue in the face. I panicked and called 112 and both firefighters and police came and they couldn’t get him started, she said in the same interview.

At first the situation looked bleak. But after a few minutes, a fireman came into the room and told them that they finally managed to bring Alexander back to life.