Here are the beauty trends to follow absolutely in 2023

Here are the beauty trends to follow absolutely in 2023

Glazed donut skin, cold makeup, Mercredi Addams look… These beauty trends made the buzz in 2022 and continue to inspire us in this new year. Decryption.

Head to TikTok to find out about the beauty trends that will punctuate 2023! Sometimes it only takes one video that has gone viral for a make-up or skincare trend either everywhere. And if some are to be left aside, others are to be treasured, including the donut glazed skin, the red nails theory or the cold look. For those to whom these terms mean nothing at all, we explain.

1. The cold look

First noticed on Emily Ratajkowski and Kylie Jenner, the cold make-up is now on the face of all beauty influencers. So much so that the associated hashtag reaches the 146 million views on the TikTok platform. This trend is one of the easiest to replicate. It simply consists in imitating the fresh face that the cold gives. The centerpiece of this icy make-up? Blush, preferably with cool undertones. To succeed in your look, you achieve your usual complexion by keeping a light hand. Then, the blush is applied to three specific areas: the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the chin. To finish, one can use a silver eye shadow, a little mascara and a dewy oil on the lips. And if the craze is to be believed, it would be the perfect makeover to give a little glow to the dull complexion of winter.

2. The red nails theory

Often considered “old-fashioned”, the scarlet manicure is back thanks to the red nails theory, or “the theory of red nails” in French. According to this latest TikTok trend, it would be enough to apply red varnish on the nails to receive nothing but compliments. According to some, this color even attracts the opposite sex. And it’s scientifically proven! By its intensity, red catches the eye more than a simple nude manicure, for example. But it is also all the imagination around this shade that makes red nails attractive. Indeed, it symbolizes sensuality, power and evokes passion and love.

3. Glazed skin donut

Looking like an icing-covered donut before bedtime has been the goal of many TikTok users in recent months. Blame Hailey Bieber for sleeping with a shiny face in a promotional video for her beauty brand Rhodes. And to do this, the mannequin uses the concept of layering which consists in superimposing a maximum of care on the skin while making sure to hydrate it in depth. To obtain a donut glazed skin effect, it would be necessary use a dozen products including a cleansing oil, a cleanser, several peptide serums, a moisturizer, a night mask, an oil, an eye contour and a lip balm. It is not a question of having oily skin but of displaying a smooth and shiny complexion.

4. The Wednesday Addams look

It’s time to say goodbye to flashy colors and ultra-natural beauty looks… Now the make-up “Wednesdaycore” is a hit on social media. The hit Netflix series Wednesday inspired many beautystas to replicate the beauty look a bit Gothic of the character. And no, it’s not just for Halloween!

On TikTok, the hashtag #wednesdaymakeup has more than 89 million views. In 2023, it’s time to take on your dark side with long raven black braids, a pale complexion, sculpted cheekbones, dark smoky eyes, ultra-defined lashes and a plum mouth.