Here are the apartments with the cheapest price per square meter

Here are the apartments with the cheapest price per square

Today’s high inflation has made it even more expensive to buy an apartment. But there are ways to find cheaper apartments. News24 have talked to Erik Holmbergmarket analyst at Hemnet, who shared a list of the price per square meter from the most expensive county to the cheapest.

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Here it is the most expensive to buy an apartment

The list that Nyheter24 has seen concerns the square meter prices for 2024. The three counties that top the list with the most expensive square meter price are Stockholm, Västra Götaland and Uppsala. In the capital, an apartment costs an average of SEK 65,123 per square meter.

If you can instead consider living a couple of hours southwest of Stockholm, you can save close to SEK 30,000 per square meter. Here the price is instead SEK 37,611. There is also a big jump between Stockholm and the neighboring county of Uppsala. In Uppsala, an apartment costs SEK 38,108 per square meter.

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Photo: Anders Wiklund/TTThe most expensive apartment of the year so far – SEK 159,204 per square meter

The most expensive apartment that has been sold so far this year on Hemnet was sold for SEK 32,000,000. It is an apartment in Östermalm of 201 square meters divided into five rooms. The price per square meter was SEK 159,204.

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Here it is cheapest to buy an apartment

The cheapest apartments are in Gävleborg, Blekinge and the cheapest is in Västernorrland County. Among these counties, the prices do not differ as strongly. In Gävleborg, the price per square meter is SEK 19,042 and Blekinge is close behind with SEK 17,950.

The cheapest apartments are located in Västernorrland County, where they cost SEK 14,168 per square meter. But the cheapest apartment so far this year was sold in Filipstad, Värmland, for SEK 21,000. The apartment is a one-bedroom apartment of 44 square meters with a price per square meter of SEK 477.

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