Here are 2 stylish (and easy) ways to wear your scarf according to TikTok

Here are 2 stylish and easy ways to wear your

A typical accessory for the cold season, the scarf upgrades our winter looks. But you still have to know how to tie it… Here are different options to wear this accessory with style.

If you don’t know what to wear when the temperatures drop, there’s only one thing to do: go to TikTok. The application delivers the best advice for reinvent your wardrobe. After revealing how to recycle summer clothes or how to transform a skirt into a blouse, the influencers found how make a cardigan from a scarf. And it is to @claudyamoreira1 more particularly that we owe this brilliant trick. If she chooses to use a cream scarf, this trick works with any choker, regardless of color and material. The only requirement? Have enough length to be able to play with the accessory. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  1. Tie two ends of the scarf around the waist.
  2. Grasp the other two ends and tie a knot.
  3. Bring the scarf over the shoulders.
  4. Stick your head through the hole created.
  5. Adjust to your liking.

That’s enough to turn your favorite scarf into a trendy cardigan!

Wear the scarf as a cape

How you wear your scarf can make all the difference. And for good reason, this accessory brings an extra touch of style to any outfit. The problem is that sometimes we lack a little inspiration to wear this beautiful and warm accessory with originality.

There are other easy-to-reproduce tricks to add a bit of fun to your dressing room: wear as a cape. To do this, fold the piece of fabric in three and pass it around the neck. Then, adjust the two sides so that they cover all the shoulders. The final touch? Attach the right side to the left with a pretty brooch. That’s it !