Henrik Stenson breaks the silence – first words after the nob from the union: “Of course this will come…”

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The Swedish Golf Association breaks with Henrik Stenson.
Now the star responds to the decision.
– I regret that my financial support is no longer desirable, says Henrik Stenson to SVT Sport.

The announcement may not have come completely unexpectedly, but has nevertheless created great reactions within the golf world and golf-Sweden. Henrik Stenson has for many years been an ambassador for paragolf, as well as junior golf in Sweden, but has now lost the titles when the Swedish Golf Association decided to break completely with the star.

Broke the cooperation completely

The decision, announced on Thursday, comes after Stenson in recent months chose to sign on to play on the criticized LIV tour, which is funded by Saudi Arabia, in what many say is an attempt to improve its reputation for lack of human rights. Saudi Arabia has also bought Premier League club Newcastle, and is said to be interested in hosting the World Cup next decade.

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210613 Henrik Stenson of Sweden during the fourth round of the Scandinavian Mixed golf tournament on June 13, 2021 in Kungsbacka. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN

The LIV tour has attracted scores of golf stars to huge sums of money. Henrik Stenson is said to have received over half a billion kroner for the change – just to play on the tour, and it doesn’t matter how bad he actually plays there. In addition, he cannot take any world ranking points, and risks being excluded from all future majors. Henrik Stenson has also lost partners, but now regrets the decision to be left out of the Swedish Golf Association.

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First words

In a first statement, Stenson says that he would have liked to see a different decision.

“We thank SGF (Swedish Golf Association) for the cooperation and wish them all the best in the future and regret that my great commitment and financial support through the Henrik Stenson Foundation is no longer desirable,” writes Henrik Stenson to SVT.

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220609 Henrik Stenson of Sweden during the first round of the Scandinavian Mixed golf tournament on June 9, 2022 in Halmstad. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN

Henrik Stenson believes that the decision will not affect his commitment to issues he is passionate about, he announced.

“Obviously, the association’s decision will not affect our work to develop junior and paragolf in Sweden and we look forward to inviting you to the Stenson Sunesson Junior Challenge and Henrik Stenson Paragolf Challenge this summer”, he writes further.

“Doesn’t fit”

The Swedish Golf Association said in its statement that what the LIV tour stands for is in stark contrast to what they themselves stand for. Not enough with the criticism for lack of human rights and sports washing. The fact that you can play on the tour without any major criteria or risk of losing rank has an effect.

– We invest a lot of money in children and young people, in the tours, in the dream of one day going all the way and this is something we do together with Sweden’s golf clubs in a fairly advanced competition ladder, which many consider to be one of the best there is within the golf world, said Gunnar Håkansson, general secretary of the association, and continued:

– LIV golf is not such a place. We see it rather as a show series and then we don’t think it fits together. That’s the reason simply, it clashes with our values ​​when it comes to sports.

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