Henrik Schyffert on the quarrels with Nour: “Then it hits”

Henrik Schyffert on the quarrels with Nour Then it hits

The two comedians Henrik Schyffert and Nour El Refai have been a couple for a long time and have children together.

During Friday, the comedian Henrik Schyffert is a guest on the SVT program “Carina Bergfledt” and talks about his early childhood together with his wife. They seem to have been anything but light.

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Henrik Schyffert: “Gives up”

How do you not get divorced during the toddler years, they ask Carina Bergfeldt.

– My trick is that you don’t take any conflicts, that you just lie down and give up. You just say “sorry, sorry, sorry” but don’t return it by saying “no but you…”

He then explains that during the toddler years it is not worth having any conflicts because both parents are tired and stressed.

– You get too little sleep, it’s too stressful, you’re too sick and too tired so… That’s my solution: Don’t win any wars. Lose all wars, says Schyffert in the television program.

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Schyffert on the quarrel with Nour: “She is probably a little more conflict-seeking than I am”

Would Nour agree with this, Bergfeldt wonders.

– Eh.. No, she’s probably a little more conflict-seeking than I am. But for me it has worked.

The limit for Schyffert is when the children are three years old. Then you can start giving back again.

– When they turn three, that’s when it happens. Then you take all the conflicts.

He also shares how the arguments are now, and Bergfeldt is curious about what the couple is arguing about now that the children are over three years old.

– Now we mostly argue about me, he says.

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