Henrik Lundqvist is mocked live in the most clever way – colleagues’ wonderful prank: “Brings tears to my eyes”

Henrik Lundqvist is very successful as an NHL expert on television.
Now the goalkeeper icon will also venture into a completely new industry.
And therefore gets to receive the most clever taunt in live broadcast.

He has been named the best goalkeeper of all time in Swedish hockey. Henrik Lundqvist is truly a living legend in the sport and an absolutely fantastic cage keeper.

Lundqvist on TV

After over 1,000 games in the NHL, he was forced to end his career prematurely due to a heart defect. After the tough farewell to the playing career, we have been able to follow “Henke” become a great success as an expert commentator and celebrated television profile in the NHL.

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Henrik Lundqvist has a hard time holding back laughter. PHOTO: X

He works for the television channel TNT and is often noticed in North America for his interesting analyzes and initiated hockey talk in their NHL studio. But now he will take on a completely different industry – as he has released his own perfume.

Mocking Henke

This, of course, the TV colleagues want to draw attention to in live broadcast and go to Lundqvist, who becomes a little uncomfortable and laughs nervously, see the video below.
– We know you’ll look like a million dollars and now we also know you’ll smell good too. You have a new perfume out and it’s going to be big, because you’re the one making it. Then it’s class, says the TNT presenter in the broadcast.
– It smells absolutely incredible! Someone said it smells exactly like I imagine Henrik Lundqvist actually smells. We are very proud of you, but you now have competition…

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Henrik Lundqvist is mocked on prime time in North America. PHOTO: X

Then they offer a wonderful prank where the TV profile and former NHL player Paul Bissonnette mocks Henrik Lundqvist with his very own perfume and accompanying commercial.
– It will smell of wood and sweat, he admits.

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The video has now spread widely on social media in North America and is giving many laughs to the entire hockey world, see it below.
“This was a lot of fun,” writes a user on X (formerly Twitter).
“I saw this live and had tears in my eyes,” writes another.
“I swear I almost passed out from laughing so hard,” writes a third.

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Watch the video: