Henrik Dorsin’s diss against his son: “Live on their parents”

Henrik Dorsins diss against his son Live on their parents

Henrik Dorsin46, is primarily known for his role as Ove Sundberg in the TV series and feature film “Solsidan”. His interest in the limelight has also rubbed off on his son Frank Dorsin18, who has become a well-known face after the role of Eddie in the series and feature film “The Bonus Family”.

The son started acting at an early age. Already at the age of ten, Frank Dorsin got the role of Eddie in the “Bonus family”. Since then, his career has continued and Frank Dorsin has also had roles in, among others, “LasseMaja’s detective agency” and “Bert’s diary”.

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The Dorsin family. Photo: Stella pictures

But the father, Henrik Dorsin, is not entirely satisfied with how his son handles his success. In an interview with Sweden’s Radio P3, he says that Frank Dorsin is a “nepo baby”.

– I think you should earn your success and not live on your parents’ merits, he says in the interview.

He says that he is referring to an interview that the son previously did in P3, which he did not think the son handled particularly well.

– I think he was extremely unarticulated.

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