Helsingborg’s lost district Valhalla gets a commemorative plaque

– We members were born and raised and have lived our youth here. Played and went to school here, fooled around and had fun, says Hans Fernebring, chairman of We who love Valhalla.

The painting depicts how the area looked in the fifties, but of the 157 houses only five remain today.

Poor and harmful to live there

It was a poor area, and already in the 40s it was decided that it was harmful to live there due to industrial pollution, says Hans Fernebring.

After that decision, the district was razed piece by piece.

“The area flourished in its own way”

Although the district was not the best off, Hans Fernebring fondly remembers what it was like to grow up there. That is why the painting is important to him.

– Now that the entire area is gone, this painting is the only reminder we have of what it looked like and how the area flourished in its own way.

Hear him talk in the clip about the lost district of Valhalla and which memories have stayed with him.