Help families move away from gangs

Help families move away from gangs
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full screen Party leader Ebba Busch (KD) speaks at KD’s riksting. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Families will be helped to relocate if children are caught up in gang crime.

That’s what KD leader Ebba Busch says in a speech at the party’s parliament.

– Entire families should be able to move to a better place if the children are caught up in the violence of gang crime, says Ebba Busch.

– As it is now, children are faced with dropping out of the gang and leaving the family. It’s not a good choice.

The idea is that it should be easier to change schools or places of residence if the whole family can move. It is a proposal that has been pushed by KD, but which the government is now moving forward with and where the relevant authorities will be tasked with producing proposals.

– We have no easy task ahead of us. But here we have a package of measures to bring safety back to our streets. To ward off the gangs. To provide better conditions for all children who grow up in our country, regardless of area, says Ebba Busch.