Helldén (MP) on the SD proposal: “Will harm the whole of Europe”

The government stands behind the EU’s climate policy and has determined that Sweden must live up to the common goals.

Something that the Sweden Democrats now want to change.

– Absolutely we must cooperate in terms of climate policy in Europe, but we must do it in a much better way, says Martin Kinnunen, climate policy spokesperson for SD and continues:

– We do not want nature restoration laws and other things that will attack forestry, agriculture and our food supply.

Helldén: Not surprised

The Green Party’s spokesperson Daniel Helldén says that he is not surprised by SD’s announcement.

– However, I am incredibly worried about what might happen now. If it is torn up at EU level, there is nothing left. Then we have given up on the entire climate policy, says Helldén in Aktuellt.

He believes that development is going in “completely the wrong direction”.

– It will damage all of Europe and above all Sweden.

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