Heetch, Lifen, Lhyfe, Umiami, Nous Anti-Gaspi: their advice for creating your box

Heetch Lifen Lhyfe Umiami Nous Anti Gaspi their advice for creating

How dare to start? Build a team? Know when to start paying? Or how to manage your fundraising? Every week, in front of our camera, founders of start-ups such as start-ups that have become unicorns give their advice on getting started in the world of entrepreneurship.

For this first season, broadcast every Tuesday morning on the Linkedin page of L’Express, the founders of Heetch, the French VTC app, of Lifen, the e-health platform, of Lhyfe, the first supplier of green and renewable hydrogen, of Umiami, the specialist in the manufacture of plant-based alternatives to meat and Nous Anti-gaspi, the network of grocery stores fighting against food waste, agreed to answer our questions. We offer them here in full.

Heetch: Teddy Pellerin, CEO

The advice to remember?

“At worst, we failed, we have a great experience to tell. And we can find a job more easily”

Lifen: Franck Le Ouay, CEO

The advice to remember?

“To choose a partner, you have to compare the ambitions, the vision, the efforts that people are ready to make”

Lhyfe: Matthieu Guesné, CEO

The advice to remember?

“You have to pay yourself as soon as possible. Your company must demonstrate that it is able to support salaries”

Umiami: Tristan Maurel, CEO

The advice to remember?

“You have to know how to be 100% in your work when you work and 100% in other activities the rest of the time”

We anti-waste: Charles Lottman, CEO

The advice to remember?

“Do not hesitate to say ‘no’ when there is doubt for a potential partner, because generally when there is doubt, there are no doubts”

L’Express also offers you, on a work-study basis, its managers’ advice, broadcast on Linkedin. If you missed the first episodes, you can find them here.