Heat wave in Greece – authorities warn tourists

In several places in the country, the temperature has risen to over 40 degrees, and in Crete a whopping 44.5 degrees was measured on Thursday, according to The Guardian.

Now Greek authorities are urging tourists to be prepared and careful in the extreme heat. In several places, schools, preschools and shops have been closed during the hottest hours of the day and many elderly people have taken refuge in special cold rooms.

Earliest heat wave – ever

The heat came unusually early this year. According to Greek meteorologists, it is the first time the temperature has risen above 38 degrees for more than three days in a row so early in the year.

– During the 20th century, we never had a heat wave before June 19. We have had several in the 2000s, but none before June 15, says Panos Giannopoulos, a meteorologist at the state-run Greek television channel ERT.

Greece is one of the countries in Europe most affected by global warming. In recent years, rising temperatures have led to several deadly fires and heavy downpours.

“Work from home”

During the week, several schools have been closed across the country, including the capital, and the Department of Labor has urged public sector employees to work from home.

The famous tourist destination Acropolis in Athens was closed on Wednesday due to the extreme heat, according to the Greek Ministry of Culture.

To offer protection from the heat, according to the public transport authority, air-conditioned parts of metro stations in central Athens have been opened up.

See how the Greeks tackle the extreme heat in the clip.