Heat wave in France: a sudden change in temperatures from this Sunday

Heat wave in France a sudden change in temperatures from

After a day on Saturday marked by quasi-summer temperatures over a large part of the territory, temperatures are preparing to drop suddenly this Sunday, April 7, particularly in the West with the arrival of rain.

A mixed sky in France. After a Saturday marked by summer temperatures and a thermometer close to 30 degrees in certain regions, France will be cut in two this Sunday, with a sudden drop in temperatures. According to the latest bulletin of Meteo France, if some will be lucky enough to see temperatures exceed 25 degrees, particularly in the south such as in Marseille, conversely, the west of the country will experience a sudden drop in temperatures. The rains, arriving from the west on Saturday night, will water the regions from the Ardennes to the Paris region as far as the Pays de la Loire. In these regions, the drop in temperatures will be notable, with a decrease of 7 to 8 degrees compared to the day before. Thus, it will be 19 degrees in Paris compared to 26 degrees on Saturday and 21 degrees in Tarbes compared to 30 degrees the day before. In Brest, Alençon, Nantes or La Rochelle, the thermometer will display 14 degrees.

Values ​​higher than seasonal norms

Despite a sudden drop in temperatures this Sunday, they will nevertheless remain 2 to 3 degrees higher than seasonal norms. In the east of France, the weather will remain fine, similar to Saturday. Temperatures will be around 25 degrees in Burgundy and the Rhône, with the exception of Var and the Alpes-Maritimes where it will be 18 degrees. The change made this Sunday should then continue next week.

After the start of precipitation in the North-West at the start of the week, rain should gradually spread across the country by Tuesday April 9. This same day, temperatures should not exceed 15 degrees across the entire territory. In Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées) where 30 degrees were exceeded on Saturday in the shade with a feeling of 35 degrees in the sun, the difference in feeling will be brutal, with a difference of almost twenty degrees.