Hear Axel tell about the odd license plate: “They call me the feta cheese man”

That feta cheese is life is no surprise to Axel Östlund. Just over a month ago, he received approval from the Swedish Transport Administration to use “feta cheese” as the registration plate on his car.

– Feta cheese is like candy to me, says Axel.

Happy reactions

When Axel drives around Huskvarna with what he likes most at the front of the car, the reactions are positive. Axel’s choice of license plate has spread in both social media and the mass media. Earlier he talked to Jönköpings-Posten about how the choice of feta cheese has attracted attention in traffic. People often point and think it’s a fun thing.

– People notice that there is feta cheese on the car. It’s not the first thing you think should stand there, says Axel.

Hear Axel Östlund talk more about his love for feta cheese in the clip above.