Healthcare, trade unions: “Health research collective bargaining agreement signed”

Healthcare trade unions Health research collective bargaining agreement signed

(Finance) – “Today the CCNL relating to the staff of the Healthcare sector – Staff section of the role of health research and health research support activities for the three-year period 2019 – 2021 was definitively signed. The main innovations strengthen both the economic part both the regulatory part, which is why the scientific hospitalization and treatment institutes (IRCCS) and the experimental zooprophylactic institutes (Izs) will have to proceed to increase monthly salaries, introduce the new system of professional assignments by adapting the related function allowances In addition, we have obtained the introduction of radiological risk and prompt availability allowances, the safeguarding of the economic ranges achieved with the previous system, the introduction of further sources of financing to allow the effective disbursement of performance-related bonuses” . They write it in a note i national secretaries of FP Cgil, Cisl FP and Uil Fpl Michele Vannini, Roberto Chierchia and Fulvia Murru.

“For health researchers – we read again in the note from Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp and Uil Fpl – a system of assignments linked to the valorisation of research activities is envisaged with the preservation of the fixed part of the function allowance of the last assignment held even in the event of revocation and for support staff the further economic valorisation through the system of assignment of professionalism economic differentials, with the assignment of tasks as already for the staff of the Healthcare sector. These are just some of the innovations of a CCNL long awaited by over 2,000 professionals throughout Italy who have long been demanding better economic conditions, recognition and valorisation of the professionalism expressed, and greater consideration by the central bodies of the State considering the importance of this particular professional category during emergency situations and more generally to allow the best care that the NHS offers to the citizens of our country. The strengthening of the rights and protections of staff in the role of health research and health research support activities – conclude the unions – will continue with the negotiation for the 2022 – 2024 CCNL, which will open shortly and will immediately see the commitment of the trade union organizations to ensure greater timeliness and clarification intervention also regarding the changes introduced by the certification bodies”.