He will be heir to the throne in Spain! Princess Leonor enlists in the army

He will be heir to the throne in Spain Princess

It has been announced that 17-year-old Princess Leonor, the first heir to the throne in Spain, which is ruled by a Parliamentary Monarchy, will receive military training for 3 years, starting from the next academic course in the Spanish Armed Forces.

Making a statement to the press after the weekly regular meeting of the Council of Ministers, Defense Minister Margarita Robles announced that the decree has been issued for Crown Princess Leonor to start 3-year military training in the land, navy and air forces.

Stating that Princess Leonor will start training at the Zaragoza Military Academy starting from the academic course period that will start at the end of August or early September, Robles said that the Princess, who will receive land training and spend her first year here until the swearing-in ceremony to the Spanish flag, will later go to Pontevedra at sea and in San Javier. He also stated that he would receive air training.


Robles also congratulated her in advance on the fact that the future queen, Princess Leonor, will also become the first female commander-in-chief of the Spanish Armed Forces.

Princess Leonor, who has been studying at a college in Wales for the last 2 years, will receive the military training that her father, King Felipe VI, received in 1985-1989. (AA)