He wanted a helicopter and a Russian flag! Hostage crisis in Georgia

He wanted a helicopter and a Russian flag Hostage crisis

An attacker in military camouflage, which is believed to have explosives, entered a bank in Kutaisi, Georgia, and took 12 people hostage. The attacker, who conveyed his demands to a television channel, demanded $2 million in cash, a minibus, a helicopter and a Russian flag.

12 PEOPLE TAKEN hostage

It was stated that an armed robber raided a bank branch at 11:00 local time in Kutaisi, Georgia. It was learned that the attacker, in military camouflage, who is estimated to have explosives on him, took 12 people hostage in the bank. Police teams who came to the scene took the perimeter of the bank to the security corridor.


It was announced that the robber conveyed his demands to a local television channel to release the hostages, while at the same time he shared a video from a hostage’s social media account. Demanding security forces to move away from the bank, the attacker demanded $2 million in cash, a minibus, a helicopter and a Russian flag.


In the statement made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, it was stated that the hostage crisis was described as a terrorist event and the relevant units were sent to the scene. In the statement, “An investigation has been launched regarding the raid on the Bank of Georgia branch, terrorist act, terrorist hostage taking, procurement, storage and transportation of illegal weapons. Law enforcement officers are taking all necessary measures for the quick and safe release of the hostages. The Ministry once again urges media representatives and citizens to abide by the safety rules and follow the instructions of the police at the scene.

In the incident that took place in the Zugdidi branch of the same bank in October 2020, an armed robber who took 43 people hostage stole half a million dollars and fled. The robber has not been caught yet.

Source: UAV