He showed everyone how to clean a barbecue, and his technique is already causing a stir

He showed everyone how to clean a barbecue and his

May is the best time to start barbecuing. For many foodies, one of the biggest challenges is keeping the grill clean.

There is no doubt that cleaning a barbecue is neither pleasant nor easy. Even specialty products often struggle to remove burnt fat. A TikToker posting as Pizzapawel has share a little-known trick for cleaning a barbecue grill. And it’s never been easier: the dirt will disappear instantly.

It turns out that a dishwasher tablet is perfect for cleaning a barbecue. All impurities will disappear in the blink of an eye. How to clean a barbecue with a dishwasher tablet? The TikToker confessed that it was a friend who revealed the barbecue cleaning technique to him. He immediately shared this tip with the rest of the netizens. Just put the grid in water and scrub it with a dishwasher tablet.

This is how you get rid of even the most stubborn dirt. Admittedly, this simple trick to cleaning a barbecue can make life much easier. TikTok users have made no secret of their enthusiasm for this innovative method. The TikTok video has become a real hit. In just one day, she got nearly 120,000 likes. Of course, there were also comments. What do Internet users think of this way of cleaning a barbecue?

Awesome ????❤️✌️ thank you for this great tip ????❤️???? – wrote one of the TikTok users

It seems that the trick with the dishwasher tablet can also be used for other types of dirt. Apparently, you can also clean a burnt ovenproof dish with a dishwasher tablet – suggested another internet user.