He should become part of an agent universe

He should become part of an agent universe

Ex-Superman Henry Cavill is finally getting his own James Bond series after proving he’s capable of espionage thrillers in Codename UNCLE great figure gives? When Argylle was released in cinemas at the beginning of the year, there was great excitement. Ultimately, however, the film turned out to be something completely different.

In just a few days you can see the crazy spy comedy in your home cinema, which turns many of the genre’s clichés on their head and with one fun meta approach awaits. Because: Cavill’s agent Argylle is not the main character of the story. Instead, it comes from the protagonist’s imagination.

But not Henry Cavill’s James Bond: The meta spy film Argylle comes to Apple TV+ with a streaming subscription

From then on April 12, 2024 You can watch Argylle on Apple TV+ with a streaming subscription. At the center of the story is the novelist Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), who made it onto the bestseller list with The Adventures of a Secret Agent. When the real spy Aidan Wilde (Sam Rockwell) shows up, However, the boundaries are blurred between reality and fiction.

You can watch the trailer for Argylle here:

Argylle – Trailer (German) HD

As it turns out, Elly’s books are almost prophetic in nature. Everything she writes sooner or later takes place in real life around her. That makes her a target powerful syndicate, which does everything it can to tap into Elly’s knowledge. She can’t even trust Aidan.

Director Matthew Vaughn, who has already created a successful spy series with the Kingsman films, delivers one with Argylle playful action hit which can be further expanded in the future. In 2021, Deadline reported that a total of three Argylle films are planned, sequels and prequels.

  • Spoiler alert: The mid-credits scene even hints at a crossover with the Kingsman series. In this we see Louis Partridge as a young agent Argylle, who is recruited by the Kingsman organization. This is followed by the announcement of a (so far fictional) film called Argylle: Book One – The Movie.
  • The future of Argylle is still uncertain

    Although Vaughn has repeatedly expressed interest in returning to the Argylle universe as a director, the Future of the series uncertain. With a hefty budget of $200 million, the film only managed to return $95 million at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo figures.

    This theoretically makes Argylle a massive flop. The thing is: As with Killers of the Flower Moon and Napoleon, Argylle is a prestige project from Apple TV+ that is primarily not about theatrical release. The films from Apple TV+ currently (still) play by their own rules when it comes to success – and this is always very difficult to assess from the outside with streaming services.