He openly admitted: Caught moaning! Half of those who work from home do this!

He openly admitted Caught moaning Half of those who work

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of workers around the world have become acquainted with the work-from-home system. Many enjoyed the system of working in the comfort of their own home. It was very tempting to get out of bed, half-asleep, and get in front of the computer in your pajamas without making your way to work.

As the lines between home and work blurred, perhaps secretly watching TV shows and movies, taking a nap during lunch break, or even taking a shower increased. Studies have revealed that many innovations come with the work from home system. The results of a new study were very surprising.

Masturbation EVERY HOUR!

Almost half (47%) of remote workers admitted to secretly taking a short break to masturbate during work hours. Most described how it was a weekly event, some said it was something they did once a month, and few said it was something they did every day.


Other surprising results emerged from the survey conducted in England. While some said that they did their masturbation routine while working in the office, others admitted that they were caught by their colleagues because of the camera or microphone left on while masturbating.