“He no longer has the country’s sensors” – L’Express

He no longer has the countrys sensors – LExpress

This Sunday, February 25, the Agricultural Show seemed to have found a little serenity, after a very agitated inauguration the day before in the presence of Emmanuel Macron. Enough to benefit the president of the National Rally (RN) Jordan Bardella, also head of the far-right party list in the European elections, visiting the exhibitors for two days.

In fact, Jordan Bardella joked about “the mobilization of two thirds of the region’s police force to allow the President of the Republic to go to an agricultural show”, while a mobilization of several dozen angry farmers disrupted the opening at the time of the event, provoking heated exchanges with the police. He also responded vehemently to the attacks of the Head of State, who spoke on Saturday of “people” demonstrating at the Salon “with a political project which is to serve the National Rally” and “to make a hedge tomorrow or the day after of honor to the leaders” of the RN.

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After considering that the head of state had fallen into “a very worrying form of conspiracy and paranoid drift”, the president of the RN replied: “I am not here to argue. clearly no longer has the sensors of the country of which he is president. And no doubt he does not realize the suffering that his policies cause.” Then questioned at midday about BFMTVJordan Bardella declared that “wherever Emmanuel Macron moves, he arouses tension, rejection and disorder.”

“Pushing the EU from within”

Jordan Bardella relied, this Sunday, on a popularity proven through countless souvenir photos to better attack Emmanuel Macron, his “only opponent for the European elections”.

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His party being presented by the president as that of “Frexit, exit from the euro” and “carrier of a project of degrowth and stupidity”, the RN MEP assured that he wanted to “change the rules of the EU ” by “pushing it from within”, refuting any exit from the European Union strictly speaking. During his stroll among the stands of farmers and their cattle, Jordan Bardella tried to clarify his party’s project for the European elections, insisting on its rejection of any free trade agreement. “I campaign for economic patriotism and to get out of free trade agreements.” Because if, in theory, “trade agreements can be beneficial to French agriculture”, “each time […] It’s to our disadvantage.”

On the subject of the agricultural crisis which has shaken the country for almost a month, Jordan Bardella estimated that “we need to change the software” for French agriculture. “Obviously, there is the question of income and work. But our farmers must be competitive. However, by being put in competition with products or sectors which do not respect any of the standards” imposed on them, “it “It’s very complicated.” The president of the RN is still expected to visit the Agricultural Show this Monday, while Marine Le Pen is expected there on Wednesday.