He exceeded the speed limit, received a fine of 2 million 750 thousand TL!

He exceeded the speed limit received a fine of 2

Wilkof, who was fined 121 thousand euros for going at a speed of 82 kilometers where he was supposed to go at 50 kilometers, stated that the fines should be limited.

It turned out that Anders Wilkof was sentenced to extremely heavy fines twice, in 2013 and 2018. Wilkof, who was fined 95 thousand euros in 2013 and 64 thousand euros in 2018, expressed his regret about the issue and said, “I hope that the money will be used for health services through the treasury anyway.”


In Finland, such fines are calculated according to the income of the offender, so the figures are high. In Switzerland, which applies the same penalty calculation as Finland, a 37-year-old Swedish driver was fined 1 million 110 thousand euros in 2010 for driving at 200 kilometers on the 30 kilometers speed limit road between Bern and Lausanne.