He discovered his illness thanks to the hallucinations he heard! It was thought that he was delusional…

He discovered his illness thanks to the hallucinations he heard

A woman in her 40s in San Francisco was diagnosed with a brain tumor. According to the case report published in the BMJ, in 1984, the sick woman, who was in her early 40s, said that one day she was alone at home, reading a book, and a voice started talking to her. She learned that she had a tumor in her brain by listening to these voices and having a CT scan.

Describing the voice she heard saying, “Please don’t be afraid. It must be shocking for you to hear me talk to you like that, but this is the easiest way I can think of,” the woman goes to psychiatry. The voices informed the woman that she had a brain tumor, her brainstem was inflamed, and she had to go and get a scan, IFLScience reported.


A Twitter user shared the unusual state of the woman. This case reached many users via Twitter. “The woman hears voices asking her to have a CT scan. These voices claim that she has a disease. Psychiatry orders a scan to relieve her. As a result of the scan, they really find the tumor. After the surgery, the voices thank her for listening to her and disappear,” the statement said.

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The tumor was removed, and when the woman woke up from the surgery, she heard the voice saying “We’re glad we helped you. Goodbye” again. It was reported that the doctor’s voices, who followed his patient for 12 years, did not come back.