“He copied me”: Action director accuses Quentin Tarantino of stealing his big plan

He copied me Action director accuses Quentin Tarantino of stealing

If Quentin Tarantino has his way, we’ll only see one more film from him in the cinema. The Pulp Fiction director has been talking about it for years wanting to retire after 10 films – at least as far as the big screen is concerned. He may then direct plays and write film books.

Now another well-known director has spoken out and claimed that Tarantino simply copied his retirement master plan from him.

Luc Besson accuses Tarantino of stealing his 10-film plan

According to The Playlist, Luc Besson (Lucy) as a guest on The Discourse podcast talks about how he told Tarantino a long time ago about his own plan to make only 10 films for the cinema:

The funny thing is that I did this a long time ago [Quentin] Tarantino said. So he copied me. No, I was honest when I said that. I said that after about six or seven films. And it was a way for me to focus and say, ‘If I only have ten balls, I have to be careful with the last three.’

Besson himself has already done so didn’t stick to his own plan. The tenth film by Léon – The Professional Director was released in 2005 with Angel-A. Since then he has directed several more works for the big screen and written even more screenplays.

When will Quentin Tarantino’s final film be released in cinemas?

The cult director’s next and probably final feature film is called The Movie Critic and will be released in… Los Angeles in the 70s play. There is still no clear description of the content. Tarantino himself once talked about the main character being a critic for a porn magazine as well as a vulgar, cynical character.

The Movie Critic does not currently have an official release date. We expect a cinema release sometime in 2025. You can currently stream Tarantino’s latest feature film Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood with a Netflix subscription, for example.