He came with abdominal pain, and a 35 cm mass came out of his kidney! “I was very surprised when I heard”

He came with abdominal pain and a 35 cm mass

65-year-old Saliha Tanrıverdi, who lives in Gaziantep, went to Gaziantep City Hospital with complaints of abdominal pain and bloating, and was found to have a mass in her kidney. The patient was operated on by urologists and a mass approximately 35 cm in size was removed from his kidney. After the successful surgery, the patient was discharged in good health.


Expressing that they are happy to have successfully completed a difficult surgery, Gaziantep City Hospital Urology Specialist Dr. Hasan Güngör said, “Our patient applied to our clinic with complaints of abdominal pain and swelling. As a result of our examinations, we found that the patient had a large mass that started around his right kidney and completely filled his right abdomen. Therefore, we explained to our patient that he needed surgery and after completing the preparations, we took him into surgery. During the surgery, we observed that the mass surrounded large vessels and we carefully removed the mass without damaging the vessels and surrounding organs. We sent him to pathology. Our patient trusted us from the beginning, and as a result, we performed our surgery successfully with our team. After the surgery, our patient started walking and feeding again. His health condition is very good. “We are discharged with recovery,” he said.

Urology Specialist Dr. stated that if the 35 cm mass removed from the patient was not removed now, it may become unremovable in the future. Asaf Demirbağ “The mass we detected in the patient was attached to vital vessels. “For this reason, it was a difficult surgery, but thankfully it was successful,” he said.

Urology Specialist Dr. pointed out that a very large mass was removed with a successful surgery. Sinan Atkın said, “There was a mass of 35 cm in size that developed in the patient’s kidney, pushing all organs. It is very valuable that such a surgery is performed successfully in our hospital, we would like to thank everyone who contributed. “It is very pleasing for all of us that our patient recovered,” he said.



Saliha Tanrıverdi noted that she was relieved because her abdominal pain was gone and said, “I had pain and swelling in my abdomen for 4 months. I received many drug treatments but I could not see any benefit. When my complaints increased, I came to Gaziantep City Hospital. I applied to general surgery. They referred me to the urology clinic. Dr. Mr. Hasan said that there was a tumor around my kidney and that I needed surgery, and I had the surgery. I was very surprised to hear that such a large mass was removed from my abdomen. Thank goodness I have no more complaints. I am being discharged in good health. “Doctors and healthcare professionals worked hard,” he said. (UAV)

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