Have you already been attacked in gaming and how did you deal with it?

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We want to know from you if you have already been approached in the course of gaming and what was your reaction to it.

On November 16, 1996, exactly 27 years ago, UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural and Communication Organization) signed the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance. Among other things, it affirms that tolerance is neither forbearance nor indifference, but respect and appreciation for the diversity of cultures.

This appreciation and respect not only shape cultural considerations, but also our everyday (gaming) life. Hate speech is an omnipresent topic, especially on the internet. It’s not just social networks like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Co. Voice chats or general text channels in gaming are also repeatedly misused for hatred.

Many of us probably know this from competitive games like League of Legends, Counter Strike, DOTA or other online games in which either “only” one’s own abilities are demolished or racist, sexist or other hateful sayings are thrown around our ears get slapped It often doesn’t matter how good or bad you play. A single mistake or even just a different opinion is often enough to get “flamed”.

We would like to conduct a survey to find out how large the number of people affected is on our websites and what they are doing about it. As a first step, we want to know from you whether you have already been the victim of hostilities in gaming communities. It doesn’t matter whether this hostility happened in the game or on social networks in the gaming environment.

The answer to the question is completely anonymous and you can vote for several points:

As a second step, we want to know from those of you who answered “yes” in some way to the first question what your consequences were from this hostility. The answer here is also completely anonymous. This time, however, you have up to two votes to document your immediate reaction and further interaction with the game.

Of course, for GameStar, GamePro and MeinMMO, the question arises every day as to what we as editorial offices and community can do together against hate speech. We look forward to your opinions, ideas and testimonials in the comments section. Write us there what you personally do about and against hate in gaming and what you would like others to do. We’re exited about your feedback!

What are we doing? Also on GameStar, GamePro and MeinMMO there is no place for hate and hostilities. Our teams of community managers and volunteer moderators pay attention to this. We are also a member of the initiative of the Bavarian state media authority “Consistently against Hass” and work closely with the police and judiciary to immediately report any comment relevant to criminal law to the authorities.