Hate crimes against the Sami are to be reviewed by Brå

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The report will particularly address the kinds of hate crimes that the Sami are subjected to, including acts where reindeer are injured and killed, which according to the police happens systematically.

The Ministry of Justice writes in an email to Ekot that Brå should, among other things, investigate whether crimes against reindeer are marked to a sufficient extent as precisely hate crimes in police investigations because otherwise they are not seen as hate crimes in the statistics.

Big dark speech

In Brå’s statistics from 2020, 20 identified hate crimes against the Sami can be seen – the dark figure is considered to be large.

– The important thing is that we take these crimes very seriously and that those who are subjected to these crimes feel that they are met with the professionalism and commitment that these crimes require, says Lars Wahlberg, deputy head of the police region North, to the radio.