Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in a merciless fight for survival with an extremely gross scene

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in a merciless fight for

Daniel Radcliffe became world famous in the role of the popular sorcerer’s apprentice Harry Potter. After the film series, the star made his mark with radical roles such as Imperium, Horns or Swiss Army Man bid farewell to its family-friendly image.

Jungle, which is being broadcast on ZDF today at 10:15 p.m. as a German free TV premiere, is also one of these films. In it, Radcliffe must fight for survival as an adventurer in the jungle. The captivating flick was directed by Wolf Creek director Greg McLean.

Watch a German trailer for Jungle here:

Jungle – Trailer (German) HD

Daniel Radcliffe’s fight for survival comes across as a nasty horror film

Jungle is based on the true story by Yossi Ghinsberg, who undertook an expedition into the Bolivian jungle in 1981. After an accident, Radcliffe is left to his own devices in the deepest jungle and must defy the dangers of the wilderness.

At the beginning, the story is told as a classic adventure film, with Ghinsberg being drawn as the main character for the time being. Only about halfway through does the director’s handwriting of horror turn into a series of repulsive incidents. In the relentless struggle for survival, not only break drastic hallucinations again and again in reality.

In one of Jungle’s most gross scenes, Radcliffe has to settle into the role remove large worm parasites from thick swollen forehead. Even though the film’s plot still unfolds in flashbacks from time to time in the second half, Jungle is at its strongest in these stirring sequences of suspense and horror. There is also a Daniel Radcliffe who portrays the main character with physical intensity. It is guaranteed that no one will think of Harry Potter anymore.

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