Hardware-assisted AI could be the focus for Windows 12

Hardware assisted AI could be the focus for Windows 12

Windows 11 will be placed on the operating system Windows 12 operating system Some predictions for wandering around.

It will replace Windows 11 Windows 12 operating system Work has been done on it for a long time. to the center of Windows 11 which has already integrated Bing, the next-generation AI-based chatbot based on ChatGPT, yesterday. In W12, Microsoft can build the whole foundation entirely on hardware-supported artificial intelligence. According to some estimates and hearsay, Intel has direct W12 support. “Meteor Lake” It runs on the processor platform. Behind the W12 support explicitly stated here, most likely the operating system hardware artificial intelligence is based. Actually, this is not the first time this issue has come up. At CES 2023 at the beginning of the year, AMD, one of the processor giants, took a step and introduced the Ryzen 7000 series for laptops. For those who missed these processors, for the first time under x86, they have a special AI processing unit. In this context, the head of Windows participating in AMD’s presentation at CES 2023 Panos Panay, Artificial intelligence will change everything on Windows and make many things literally rediscovered.” he declared. Here, we bring the process down to the hardware level and Microsoft, which seems to offer an online and offline artificial intelligence experience, is making really big future plans and the possibilities that an operating system with an advanced artificial intelligence at the center will bring a lot of curiosity. If you don’t know, Microsoft is among the biggest investors in OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT.


internally while developing Windows 11 “Next Valley” The software giant that also keeps the next Windows version, known as Microsoftmade many different presentations last year. In one of these presentations, the use of the image you see above made a sound. On the screen in this image, we see a different interface design than Windows 11. The most striking aspect of the interface is the floating, or in other words, floating start menu. At the same time, there is weather information on the top left of this interface, system icons on the right, and a search bar in the middle.

Within the scope of the presentation that Microsoft made this interface design “mistakenly” it is thought to appear. This modern interface, which is thought to be prepared mostly for touch screen devices, Windows 12 It looks like for Windows 11, but it may come for Windows 11 in the coming period. This interface, which you can see more clearly below, can also be made much different in the future. Windows 12 has been on the agenda before. As it turned out in the past months Microsoft, It will bring a new version every three years”into the Windows Development Cycle” is transitioning. Mark it here Windows 12 operating system 2024 It is alleged that in.